How to Create New Floor Plan Image by PlannerOW

If you already have a floor plan image then go to How to Wind Simulate My Floor Plan by Windmee. If you do not then try to create new one by PlannerOW and follow the instruction below.

First of all go to PlannerOW.

New Layout

You have to remove a demo plan and create new layout.

Draw New Walls

Create wall follow your building or room floor plan.

Save Floor Plan Image

After you have created a wall then adjust floor plan to fit your screen by ctrl+mouse wheel and save by right click+Save image as.

Convert PNG to JPG

After you saved image from PlannerOW you will get a PNG image but Windmee required JPG image. Go to convert at png2jpg.

As a result, you got your building floor plan image. Next step is How to Wind Simulate My Floor Plan by Windmee.

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