Welcome to windmeetech.com – Simple wind simulation from image.

Airflow is one of the most factors in building planning or construction. As a result, it could be cause huge effects that cost time and money. This problem could be avoided by consulting with architects at early design stage. Building simulation can enhance clients understanding of the design regarding the airflow mechanism. However, due to the complexity of the simulation model, which requires experts and special set of knowledge.

Why Windmee

Windmee aims to develop simple automatic wind simulation from house, condo, room or any building floor plan image instead of creating a 3d model for building analysis, our process is based on image processing that recognizes and analyzes a image of building plan, then uses it to simulate airflow in realtime building simulation.

Windmee Free

You can use any jpg image to create wind simulation base on your location.

Windmee Free Feature

  • Realtime wind simulation detect from lines in image.
  • Adjust detection from line in image.
  • Adjust direction of the building floor plan.
  • Crop your building area in your image (simulate faster)
  • Get wind direction at your location.
  • Pause or reset wind.
  • Increase or decrease wind density.
  • Rotate or scale object while simulating
  • Change wind direction.
  • Display selected density, pressure and velocity wind mode.
  • Show your image while simulating.
  • Change background color while simulating.
  • Add or remove wall in simulation mode.
  • Take screenshot on current simulating.

Windmee PRO

The pro version will extend the functionality and features of the free version. You can create wind simulation base on specific location.

Windmee PRO Feature

  • Editable advance wind and streamlines.
  • Get wind direction by latitude longtitude support.
  • Get wind direction by city name support.
  • Generate secondary wind source.
  • Hide tips.
  • Can use for a commercial.
  • Support from Windmee Staff.