7 Trees Absorb Toxins and Help Reduce Heat

Tree absorbs toxins Indoor plants suitable for raising in the house As well as helping to absorb toxins, changing the waste air in the house to be clean and pure air as well.
How to cool off during the summer Not only have the fan turned on and air-conditioned There is one more way to cool the house easily: planting trees in the house itself. In addition to having to pay for expensive electricity bills Also keeping the air in the house clean Because the trees planted in these 7 trees help to absorb toxins. If you want to cool off without paying money Suggesting to find these trees to cool down.

1. Ficus tree

Ficus tree, pointed leaves Is one of the royal plants that are grown as sacred trees in some location. The appearance is a perennial plant, not deciduous, has roots, the air is broken by the trunk and hanging down to look beautiful. Helps absorb toxins in the air Increase oxygen And make the house cool Even though it is a tree that likes sunlight But can be planted in the shade without problems, easy care, like water medium.

2. Rubber tree

Indian rubber tree is a large perennial plant. Hnad and green leaves With latex on the inside Helps increase oxygen levels and removes toxins from various chemicals in the home as well, such as formaldehyde Should be planted in loamy soil Placed in a sunny place Do not like the sun or placed in the sun directly and do not need frequent watering.

3. The yellow tree

Palm family The trunk is a jointed, slender, suitable for planting in the living room. Because this type of tree helps change pollution such as carbon dioxide To become fresh air Helps maintain moisture levels to help cool the atmosphere around.

4. Fern

One of the most popular tree species that is grown in the house and is considered a great purifier. Because it can help maintain moisture and get rid of pollutants such as formaldehyde and various pollutants, keep the air in the house clean and pure Should be placed in a sunny place and planted in high humidity soil But can grow in the shade and dry soil as well.

5. Aloe Vera

A good herb that is often used to treat burns from heat exposure. In addition, if planted in the house also helps to cool off. And also found that aloe vera also helps to remove formaldehyde and clean air Grow well in the soil Well drained And keep watering the soil moist, but should not let the water get too wet.

6. Snake plant

Trees that are suitable for planting in the bedroom Because the dragonfly will spit oxygen and help reduce heat to cool the house all night. It also absorbs various toxins in the air, including formaldehyde, nitrogen oxides, trichlorethylene, xylene, toluene and benzene, plus easy care. Just place it in low light and don’t need frequent watering.

7. Pothos plant

Easy-to-grow ivy, easy to grow and grow like a heart-shaped leaf. Helps absorb a lot of toxins Whether it is formaldehyde, benzene, waxy and carbon monoxide Another advantage of this type of tree is that it is easy to feed, does not require frequent watering. Especially during cold weather or low temperature And placed in a place that was lightly lit.

This kind of hot weather, if trees are planted in some places It helps to release a lot of heat. It is also air-conditioned for clean, pure. Without toxic substances that are harmful to the body How to reduce the heat in the house that is both energy saving and can be used in many ways. Do not forget to try Windmee to know about house ventilation.

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